OJAS GLOBAL School, as the name we aspire to present a Global outlook to our children with the roots being firmly entrenched within the value system of our culture. The school will embrace all modern means and techniques for imparting the right education to the children.

The right education is telling children how to think rather than what to think, with this motto we believe that children are small saplings that grow out to become trees in the future, hence if provided with right amount of nourishment in tangible and intangible amounts the trees become stronger and better. Ojas Global School strives to achieve this by providing right mix of all the elements in education for the children.

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  • Vision

    We are driven to empower the students of Ojas Global School, by letting them:

    • TO ASPIRE Dream
    • TO ENCOURAGE Thought
    • TO THINK Independently
    • TO CREATE Transform
  • Mission

    OJAS aims to bless a child to be “Tejasvi” by attaining enlightenment through knowledge along with a blend of academics, science, technology and cultural values resulting in holistic development of a child.

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